Al Mizan Electromechanical & Contracting Co. LLC began its journey in the year 2010, and has established itself among the leading companies in the UAE with sheer hard work in providing consistent quality services and approach. Over the years, we have grown and developed into a multi-diversified company with respective subsidiaries. We have sought out the very best expertise across many different fields to form a team of experts. Now we are proud to inform that we have expanded our services & expertise in; Interior Design & Fit-Out Contracting, MEP & Civil contracting along with other supporting services. We always listen to our clients’ needs and then bring our industry knowledge and expertise to the table. Due to the increase in enquiries from our customers & the market for fit-out   projects – now we are keen and ready to secure fit-out projects and increase our portfolio of clients.

We at AL Mizan ensure our commitment to creating your space by making it functional, aesthetically pleasing, and conducive to productivity. The success and visibility of our fit-out project growth, attained by offering our services in the areas of detailed designing, planning, fit-out build quality, sustainability along with latest technology integration which perfectly meets and caters to the needs of our customers.

Our dedicated professional team works around the clock to provide and create a space that represents your business brand is looked after.

Whether a growing startup or an established company, investing in interior design and its solutions can yield you numerous benefits and recognition.

We pride ourselves on getting things rightly done at the first time, within your budget and to deliver your dream space. 

Our mission

“Transforming Spaces, Enriching Lives: Elevating Interior Design Experiences with Unparalleled Fit-Out Solutions”

our vision

“Pioneering Design Innovation, Inspiring Boundless Possibilities: A World Where Spaces Embrace Every Dream”


LISTEN:  Understand the needs of the client and collect all available data, opinions and research.

EXPLORE: Throw the creative net wide to gather the full range of factors and influences which may contribute to the project.

INVOLVE: Include the client team in an open-minded and stimulating brainstorming process which challenges preconceptions.

DISTILL: Refine all the ideas to date and extract the essence for the most appropriate solution.

EXPRESS: Clearly communicate the vision for the project through design.

EXECUTE: Implement and deliver the project on time and to budget.